TeenSpirit was created by former fashion and music photographer Lucy Fitter as a backlash against the 'selfie'.

Now a mother of daughters, she was aware that one of the biggest ingredients in a teenagers life was social media and that perhaps the new role of photography, more specifically the 'selfie' was not such a healthy one.

Uneasy about the pouting, insecurities and competitiveness that 'selfies' seemed to be encouraging, she was prompted to set up Teen Spirit to use photography positively.

Teen Spirit has been designed to provide teenagers with the opportunity to photographically explore their own identity in a fun and professional 'real experience' environment.

Providing photoshoots that capture the teen spirit in fun, confident images.          

Celebrating diversity and breaking down the body image stereotypes.

Shoot and share more than a selfie.

Join us in being agents of change and inject the social media sites with more realistic images.

You can be part of Teen Spirit either by booking a photoshoot or encourage further involvement by being part of a workshop through your school or a youth club.